Vivers Tortadès, experience and quality in all types of plants

Vivers Tortadès in Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona

Grow, production, sale, import and export of conifers, Christmas trees, trees and shrubs, young plants, forest and ornamental plants in Sant Hilari Sacalm.

Vivers Tortadès has been growing and producing ornamental plants for 50 years. We are a company with a long family tradition and we were pioneers in the introduction of container cultivation in our country. Our specialty is researching new varieties and adapting them to simple cultivation. We have more than 700 varieties in production of conifers, trees and shrubs.

We are a team of 50 people, with a working surface of 75 Ha. Our experience allows us to work with cultivation methods that are highly respectful of the environment. Most of our plants have been completely produced organically and naturally in all production processes. Our plants are naturally adapted to extreme climates and to minimal water consumption.

Our privileged climate allows us to grow a wide variety of trees, fruit trees, shrubs, conifers and ornamental plants. The growth methods we use are by seed multiplication, or by cutting or grafting, having from small and medium plants to large specimens.

We work with a wide range of plant varieties. Our production is specially prepared to be sold in Garden Centers and Gardens. We also supply plants, trees and shrubs for immediate planting on construction sites and gardens.

The experience gained over the years means that Vivers Tortadès, with its experience and quality, can send and export all kinds of plants and trees throughout the European territory following the main quality standards.

VIVERS TORTADÈS, more than a company, a commitment to quality.